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Android, iOS,
Windows Phone
Grow profits
Cut costs
Use experts
and save
Custom e-training

  • Professional mobile software solutions that you can rely upon

         1. Mobile application development
         2. Testing
         3. Porting applications to another mobile 
          operating system
         4. Cross-platform and cloud integration
         5. Appstore/marketplace setup
         6. Device-specific software for Smartphones,
          Tablets, Google Glasses (Android)

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  • Boost up your revenue and minimize operation costs with custom business automation

    1. Analysis and optimization of business processes
    2. Web/cloud, desktop, and mobile automation
    3. Seamless integration of legacy software packages
    4. Operator plans
    5. BPM deployment and maintenance

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  • Cloud services help users put less time into infrastructure maintenance and more time into their core business

    1. Cloud server setup and management
    2. Enhancing application performance on the cloud
    3. Preventing information leak
    4. Supporting remote collaboration

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  • Engage experts to bring your ideas to life with top quality, risk management, and a fair price

    1. Rapid ramp-up in multi-person-year client projects
    2. Professional communication and documentation
    3. Control and visibility to client throughout the project
    4. Defect removal in legacy applications
    5. Adding features to existing software

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  • Experienced development teams are available to make your product better

    1. Wide range development skills (PHP, Java, .Net, XHTML, JavaScript and more)
    2. Stabilizing and maintaning application stability
    3. Server management
    4. Continuous communication
    5. Daily deliverables

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Canada L3R 5B4

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